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Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
I am a practicing artist and have been exhibiting my work for 18 years. The work I produce mainly focuses on English Landscapes. I have also created portrait work using poetry.

I also teach Art to 11 - 18 year olds at Northampton School for Girls.

Warhorse is my most recent artwork using war poetry to make a painting. Follow or read my blog here:

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 Jamie Poole was born in 1973 in Northampton, England. He studied at the School of Design and Ceramics in Stoke-on- Trent Staffordshire for a BA Honours Design: Surface Pattern and graduated in 1996. Jamie has exhibited widely around the UK where his work has primarily been Landscape paintings and a hand printed ‘Landscape Sofa’. In recent years he has been an active member of the arts event known as ‘Open Studios’ in Northamptonshire and has produced commissioned works for private clients. Jamie continues to be inspired by his job as a teacher of Art at Northampton School for Girls where he has been working for the last 10 years. 

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The Nieman Foundation Commission - Harvard University  

For the magazine's cover, British artist Jamie Poole based his portrait of Agnes Wahl Nieman on one of only two known images of her—a small engraving from a collage published in The Milwaukee Journal in 1916—and on the physical description she provided in her 1891 passport application: light brown hair, bluish-gray eyes, and fair complexion. Using portraits of Agnes’s mother and father as references, he worked with cut pages from Nieman Reports and from the Foundation’s archival material to create this likeness.  

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 'Sophie' Collaged poems on board 2011 

The things that make people who they are come from their experiences of the world around them and the people they meet. For Sophie, the sitter in this portrait, English literature has been a great passion. The verses of a specially selected collection of poems have been carefully dissected and layered on the support of this painting to create her portrait. The text meanders and flows around the curves of her features and is embedded deep in her eyes creating an intricate mosaic surface. The tales in the typography have become entwined within her image and are part of Sophie’s identity.The creation of this work has been an intimate meditation and contemplation of the sitter. Jamie Poole has created a portrait that brings him closer to his subject. The narratives that are collaged create bonds between his practice through the process and the relationship of the artist to his sitter. As text is layered the words, lines and phrases are repeated and embedded into the work creating a unifying physicality. 

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