Ruth Joy , Framed print at its destination!
Commission 'Red Kite' for Rev Liz Dunning.

Thank you for agreeing to make some art for me!

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From Great Addington to Little Addington
'From Great Addington to Little Addington'

We are very happy with it!

Simon Rees
Here are some of the comments I received from the staff at Northampton School for Girls after I completed the Centenary painting.

Find out more about the artwork and how it was made here

Hi Jamie,

Called in to see your painting last Friday. Absolutely fantastic--well done. Felt a complete idiot when I spent a few seconds looking for the second painting only to realise that they were both on the same canvas. Had me fooled there Jamie.


I thought you would like to know that  the girls in my year 12 tutor group noticed your painting on the way out of assembly on Monday and were really impressed. They kept walking back and forward to get the different perspectives and Tolu said "I want one of those in my house!"  They went right up close to check out the names, to  see if they could find  anyone they knew and asked how you did it and how long it took you. The verdict was you should leave teaching and be an artist as you'd be a millionaire over night! 

Anyway Congratulations... it is truly insipring...


I took the conductor of the Concert Band to see the painting yesterday afternoon.. It took his breath away.

Well done, it is stunning - you are such a talented artist. Thank you for spending the time producing such a wonderful work of art for us.

Raydene x 

I have just seen your artwork in the foyer. Looks brilliant, spent a good few minutes walking back and forward in front of it. 
Just to confirm that the cross has arrived.  It’s lovely.  

It’s balanced on a picture of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem by Br Eric of Taizé.  They complement each other visually and spiritually.  But it won’t be there all the time - because the Grace and your other phrases are on the back, we’ll use it sometimes when we pray.  The weaving together of the words in the image means that we will be able to use it meditatively as well, so it will probably spend time on the table with a lit candle.

Thank you very much from both of us.

God Bless,

Nick and Lorraine