My Visit to the Lucien Freud Exhibition

March 01 2012
Well I was in London last week on a photography A level training course and afterwards I thought I would take the opportunity to see if it possible to get into the Lucien Freud exhbition at the National Portrait gallery. I arrived at 4pm and tickets were being sold for 5pm. Brilliant! So I got an audio guide and spent nearly 2 hours viewing his work. What struck me the most was the amazing dedication and ambition of the artist. He worked intensively right up to his death last July. Even in the last years of his life, the audio guide talks about his constant experimental approach to the subject - painting the human form. One thing I found particularly amusing was that Lucien had a pass to the gallery after it was closed!

Lucien Freud's intense observational skills came across vividly when viewing the exhibition. He would constantly remix colours when working on each detail of his portraits creating a complex variety of flesh tones during his close scutiny of the subject. What is quite amusing and again inspiring is how he would then flick or scrape disgarded paint on the wall when it was finished with.

Lucien Freud Exhibition

January 30 2012
Another fantastic exhibition coming up in February. Best get those tickets early if you want to see this show. I heard that lots have already been sold! The Lucien Freud show opens on the 9th February at the NPG

Same as the Leonardo Da Vinci show - almost.


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