Micheal Mapes

December 30 2013
This is such an original idea! Micheal Mapes creates collection or specimen boxes that make a an image or painting when combined together.
He uses these materials photographic prints, insect pins, pinning foam, gelatin capsules, glass vials, optomotrist lens, paint samples, modeling clay, dried botanical matter, fabric, magnifying box, plastic specimen bags, cotton thread.

Lucas Simoes

December 30 2013
I have just discovered another inspirational photographer/ artist who creates fantastic fragmented portraits.
Desretratos: In this series of papers invited close friends to tell me a secret while I was photographing their portraits. But my intention was not to hear his secrets, but to capture the expressions of each time to reveal this secret. So I asked to each choose a song for me to listen on my headset while I was photographing them. And after this photo shoot I asked each of them if the secret had some color, and it is these colors that carry portraits.


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