The New Turner Film

December 27 2014
I went to see this film recently and I thought it was fantastic. It is made in true Mike Leigh style and it felt like you really got an understanding of what Turner and the people around him really were like and the very human struggles they went through. However, I am not sure about strapping yourself to the mast of a ship in a storm is very clever, although it may have given Turner some great insight for his artwork. 

I was fascinated by the paints artists used then and read few lines from the book  'Colour' by Victoria Finlay. Apparently the great masters of the time were warned against using colours that faded such as carmine red (made of blood). Turner was warned by Mr Windsor of Windsor and Newton that certain pigments he was using would not last, but he told them to mind their own business. People actually brought back his paintings when they faded and he refused to make them again. Turner used the paint that suited his immediate desire and cared little for prosperity. 

Anyway I recommend the film - very inspiring!

The Nene River on Display

November 02 2014
Here is my painting of the Nene River as it passes through Ditchford on its way to Irthlingborough. Some people know it as the place where you can hire canoes to go paddling in the summer. Its a great hidden spot with some beautiful lakes you can walk around. I have put this picture above my fire place at home to look at in the winter months.


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