Canvas Prints of the Northamptonshire Landscape UK.

November 23 2015
This is one of my favourite paintings of the river Nene in Northamptonshire. I visited Titchmarsh village and walked down into the valley where I made drawings and soaked up the atmosphere on a sunny day.

I have made giclee prints of this one as well as canvas prints. The original is currently on the wall in my home too. Its nice to sit and stare at this one.

I will be selling them in my shop soon.....

The New Turner Film

December 27 2014
I went to see this film recently and I thought it was fantastic. It is made in true Mike Leigh style and it felt like you really got an understanding of what Turner and the people around him really were like and the very human struggles they went through. However, I am not sure about strapping yourself to the mast of a ship in a storm is very clever, although it may have given Turner some great insight for his artwork. 

I was fascinated by the paints artists used then and read few lines from the book  'Colour' by Victoria Finlay. Apparently the great masters of the time were warned against using colours that faded such as carmine red (made of blood). Turner was warned by Mr Windsor of Windsor and Newton that certain pigments he was using would not last, but he told them to mind their own business. People actually brought back his paintings when they faded and he refused to make them again. Turner used the paint that suited his immediate desire and cared little for prosperity. 

Anyway I recommend the film - very inspiring!

The Nene River on Display

November 02 2014
Here is my painting of the Nene River as it passes through Ditchford on its way to Irthlingborough. Some people know it as the place where you can hire canoes to go paddling in the summer. Its a great hidden spot with some beautiful lakes you can walk around. I have put this picture above my fire place at home to look at in the winter months.

Micheal Mapes

December 30 2013
This is such an original idea! Micheal Mapes creates collection or specimen boxes that make a an image or painting when combined together.
He uses these materials photographic prints, insect pins, pinning foam, gelatin capsules, glass vials, optomotrist lens, paint samples, modeling clay, dried botanical matter, fabric, magnifying box, plastic specimen bags, cotton thread.

Lucas Simoes

December 30 2013
I have just discovered another inspirational photographer/ artist who creates fantastic fragmented portraits.
Desretratos: In this series of papers invited close friends to tell me a secret while I was photographing their portraits. But my intention was not to hear his secrets, but to capture the expressions of each time to reveal this secret. So I asked to each choose a song for me to listen on my headset while I was photographing them. And after this photo shoot I asked each of them if the secret had some color, and it is these colors that carry portraits.

Charlotte Caron

November 15 2012
Some of my Photography students are really inspired by painting over photographs. Charlotte Caron produces these artworks which also make use of the qualities of paint by letting the painting run across the surface of the photograph.

This reminds me of the famous image by Wanda Wulz, - 'Me and Cat'

Charlotte Caron, graduating from Fine Arts with
honors just last year, already has an impressive body of work. Chunked
into four series—Landscapes, Portraits, Vanities, and Anatomy—the unique
treatment of the Portraits have particularly stood out. A beautifully
imaginative hybrid of humans and animals, “this series of paintings,
photographs, trying to respond to a form of duality—that assumes an
animal part—by the medium of painting in addition, runs, mask,
according to the artist statement. “To ultimately create an osmosis between the two mediums, so between the animal and the portrait.”

Tate Doubles its Photography Collection

May 08 2012
Bus Stop London. 1952. Elliot Erwitt

My Visit to the Lucien Freud Exhibition

March 01 2012
Well I was in London last week on a photography A level training course and afterwards I thought I would take the opportunity to see if it possible to get into the Lucien Freud exhbition at the National Portrait gallery. I arrived at 4pm and tickets were being sold for 5pm. Brilliant! So I got an audio guide and spent nearly 2 hours viewing his work. What struck me the most was the amazing dedication and ambition of the artist. He worked intensively right up to his death last July. Even in the last years of his life, the audio guide talks about his constant experimental approach to the subject - painting the human form. One thing I found particularly amusing was that Lucien had a pass to the gallery after it was closed!

Lucien Freud's intense observational skills came across vividly when viewing the exhibition. He would constantly remix colours when working on each detail of his portraits creating a complex variety of flesh tones during his close scutiny of the subject. What is quite amusing and again inspiring is how he would then flick or scrape disgarded paint on the wall when it was finished with.

Lucien Freud Exhibition

January 30 2012
Another fantastic exhibition coming up in February. Best get those tickets early if you want to see this show. I heard that lots have already been sold! The Lucien Freud show opens on the 9th February at the NPG

Same as the Leonardo Da Vinci show - almost.

David Hockney

January 16 2012
David Hockney
The new David Hockney show at the Royal Academy has had plenty of press this last few days. I also listened to the interview last night on Radio 3 which was really inspiring. I have always liked his work and  find his positive enthusiasm very motivating. The ideas about a movie having multiple perspectives and then the giant paintings which ask the viewer to 'walk through the landscape' or look around are great! Also it reminds me how much I love being outside just 'being' and drawing nature -  he is right there really is too much to see!  I really want to go and see this show!